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15th December Advent calendar 

I’m fairly sure Hebes are not Christmas flowers in the UK but these are still flowering, on the north side of the house too!

Bees love them but are nowhere to be seen in this cold weather, sensibly sheltering in their nest or hive I suspect. 


Flower Power!

Advent calendar December 13th, unlucky number for some but my begonia are still withstanding the cold temperatures and continue to flower. The mild autumn seems to have given them strength!

Latest News

Two exciting developments , I now have slide shows on my website and I’ve started to add some photographs to stock photography site Dreamstime.

The slide shows are thanks to Highton Ridley and a tool he’s developed to promote zazzle products. You can see them on my website here.

I’ve had a few photographs accepted on Dreamstime so far, some with animals and a nature theme naturally! I’m attempting to add my bee video, although that’s been a bigger learning curve getting it in the right aspect ratio and not having black bands!


I know some of my readers take amazing photos, have you joined a stock photography site? If so I’d love your thoughts, if not but you’re thinking about joining here’s dreamstime’s link