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15th December Advent calendar 

I’m fairly sure Hebes are not Christmas flowers in the UK but these are still flowering, on the north side of the house too!

Bees love them but are nowhere to be seen in this cold weather, sensibly sheltering in their nest or hive I suspect. 


Bee and Bird Song video 

My Ceanothus is in full bloom at the moment and the bees love it. So thought I’d share a video.

I managed to get some bird song in it too, although the 5th attempt with previous versions having neighbours talking, traffic noise & whistling!

Video is now available to download here  https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-video-bees-blossom-bird-song-video-honey-buzzing-around-ceanothus-bush-full-bloom-s-spring-purple-flowers-birds-video93313828#res18445732

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Busy Bees

I have quite a few flowers in my garden that are attractive to bees. It begins in May with the Ceanothus

Ceanothus bee mobile cover

Ceanothus flower photo taken in my garden and now on lots of zazzle products!

Then in summer they love foxgloves

and in my front garden a hebe, which provided flowers in February, March this year too, so I wasn’t sure it would flower again when it was meant to! Glad it did as it all helps to keep the bees alive, which are so important for pollinating our crops etc. Do you have any plants the bees love?
Talking of busy bees, I’ve got a large order from the National Trust shop in Widecombe, so must get busy painting!