Sleepy Lions

Christmas is almost upon us and hopefully time to relax like cats do!

So find a cat for the warmest spot, today’s advent calendar photo 🙂


Bird talk! 

Good morning. Today’s advent calendar is of Topsham estuary in Devon with a pigeon and Canada Goose looking as though they’re having a chat! 


11th December 

PaintedCatvase..jpgWith much of the UK covered in snow I decided to have it snowing on my latest cat vase glass painting. We don’t have any snow in Exeter so this is today’s advent calendar picture. It was quite hard to photograph, so you have to look closely to see the snow but I think I’ve got the wintry look!


Giraffe for the 9th Dec 

Today’s advent calendar photo is of the wonderful giraffes.

Look closely and you can see the baby giraffe by the trees, born in April at Paignton zoo


December 6th photo

Today’s advent calendar photo is spot the animal!
Hope you found the lizard and have a great day.


Advent Calendar Day 4 

The mighty elephant is today’s photo.

Sadly they are endangered species, with elephants still being killed every day. This photograph was taken at Paignton zoo where conservation of animals is now their primary concern.

If you’d like to help elephants survive the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation also does great work as well as having a close connection with art.