New Zebra reverse glass painting

Every now and then I feel the need to do something different, as my regular readers know! This time I decided on semi abstract wall art, which you may have seen if you’re following me on Instagram.

Keeping with glass painting I painted this zebra on a windy plain, streaking the glass paint for a semi abstract effect.

What you see is in reverse, having painted on the inside of the glass. It is signed but not in reverse, I couldn’t get my head around that! 

Birds Flying

My bird paintings are flying out the house lately with a few commissions!

It started with this primrose vase and a barn owl.

 Another customer requested a hummingbird on a bowl 


Thank you so much for the hummingbird bowls which arrived safely today. I think my nieces will love them! The reason I chose hummingbirds is as a result of this saying which I found “Legends say that hummingbirds float free of time, carrying our hopes for love, joy and celebration. The hummingbird’s delicate grace reminds us that life is rich, beauty is everywhere, every personal connection has meaning and that laughter is life’s sweetest creation”.

Then my most quirky custom order so far has to be for tealight holders with chorister ducks!

They loved them, as did we, even more so as they were such personal gifts. We are extremely grateful to you for your skill in transferring a mad idea into such lovely keepsakes! 

These have been fun to do and I have such lovely customers who gave me great feedback.

Sales have been good on Zazzle too with various bags including this owl, a kingfisher hat and my dragonfly shoes are flying around the world.

Tawny Owl Art Tote Bag

Flying Kingfisher Trucker Hat


Pink Dragonfly Art Printed Shoes

All these orders have happened when local shop sales have been slow, due to the weather I think, so very glad I’ve diversified. The saying ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ is so true!

Dartmoor, Devon

Had a lovely trip to Dartmoor yesterday, so thought I’d share a few photos.




I was there to deliver more of my moorland themed glass paintings  to Widecombe in the Moor National Trust gallery. They have a great selection of local crafts, this photo shows just a small area.


Escaping Tortoise

I recently had a lovely holiday in Jersey and one of the highlights was Durrell wildlife park.
The funniest thing to watch was a giant tortoise working out how to escape.


He managed it too by getting on his side & propelling himself through!


I didn’t manage to get a photo of him escaping as I went to get a zoo keeper , who rescued the tortoise.

We also spent quite a long time watching the apes have a snack.


Sadly we didn’t get to see the new baby bear but here’s a proud parent


Definitely worth a visit if ever in Jersey.

Recycled Abstract Art

I have pots with remnants of glass paint too solid for normal painting. Finally today I got round to using them and had fun scraping out the paint and putting it on plastic packaging to create some recycled art.


It’s turning out like an abstract coral reef and with the dried blobs of paint has a great texture. I’ve got the other sides to do, what do you think so far? 

Wildlife glass painting

I’ve a few new paintings since my last post and keep meaning to take work in progress photos. This week I finally remembered to do it!

Here’s a jug with one elephant and a faint outline of a baby elephant

elephant jug in progress

and now two!

elephant jug

This is the first stage of a sunset wildlife coaster

safari coaster 1st stage

I then painted the sunset. As both sides of the painting are visible the background has to be added last and I need to continually check both sides as it progresses.

Painted side of coaster

Painted side of coaster

This is the top of the coaster, with the painting in reverse.  I can now see more work is required!

This is the top of the coaster, with the painting in reverse, highlighting a little more work is required!

Continuing with the safari theme,  some new designs on zazzle.

Clicking on the photo will take you to the .com site, for your own country change .com in the address bar to for Britain for example

Lion Ipad cover

Lion Ipad cover

Swirly Lions Soup bowl

Swirly Lions Soup bowl

Zebra Pouf

Zebra Pouf

Wonderful Q animals!

I was pleasantly surprised by the animals I discovered for the letter Q art challenge.

Aside from Quail I’d not heard of the others and will hopefully remember them as useful scrabble words!

  •  There are the cute Quokka, one of the smallest Wallaby species in the world and found in Australia. They are a bit like small kangaroos.
  • Then there is Quoll, a marsupial found in Australia, Papua New Guinea and Tasmania. It’s a nocturnal animal hunting at night, although unlike most nocturnal mammals it likes to rest in the sun during the day, rather than hiding somewhere dark. Apparently known as a ‘native cat’, with what I think is a vaguely similar resemblance!
  • Lastly there are Quetzals. These are beautiful birds found in the tropical rain forests of Central America. The male is the most striking with a tail that can grow to 1 meter in length! The females don’t have such a long tail and are slightly duller in colour. They nest in tree holes, carving the hole out themselves.

I’ve chosen to paint the Quetzal on a storage jar, including both male and female.

Quetzal male                                                              Quetzal jar

He needs some more work. Having photographed it I think the male looks like he’s reading a red book!

Have a lovely weekend and see you next week for the letter R. As always I’m open to suggestions on what you’d like me to paint.