Super Moon Cloud Effects

Luckily I woke up at 2.30am and realised the almost dawn like light must be the moon!

Unable to see it from my bedroom I went outside in my pyjamas, it was unseasonably warm for November, just hope a neighbour didn’t see me! Here are the photos 


Sadly I didn’t realise the camera resolution was set at 5mp for the first few photos.

The moon then disappeared under cloud for half an hour. Came back spectacularly but I’m afraid the  photos don’t do it justice.


Amazing Nature

It may be January and now freezing outside in the UK but having had a lot of mild weather my tomato plant is amazingly still alive and ripening in the utility room!


The tomatoes are pretty tasty too :-). I don’t have any heating in there but it warms up in the sun. Do you have any resilient plants that would normally be dead at this time of year?

Cat voyeur!

Ever feel you’re being watched!

I looked up from my desk to see my neighbours cat fascinated watching me paint.
My cat Lottie has started sitting there too, making me feel guilty with the odd meow as I won’t let her in. However cats, glass and paint don’t make a good combination, so I’m not risking it!

I’ll leave you with a selection of my cat paintings, all on a variety of Zazzle products, click here for the .com site, on the photo for UK


Recycling bargains

We have a lot of charity shops here in Exeter and I think they’re great. Not only do they help raise money for charities but it’s such a brilliant way to recycle, reducing landfill and saving resources.

This week I’ve replaced my work desk as I desperately needed more space to paint. I found one in a Hospice care shop, perfect for me being short as its height adjustable.



It tilts too, cost just £40 and they took away my smaller old desk to sell on to someone else. How fab is that!

Have you had any great charity shop finds?





Continuing on the bargain theme both Folksy and my website now have the facility to offer coupon codes, so to celebrate I’m going to join in the festive season and have a one day sale on cyber Monday 1st December.

Visit my website shop for 20% off on Monday using code FESTIVE or on Zazzle code ZAZCYBER2014

Zazzle are having week long promotions too with up to 65% off many items. On cyber Monday they have 65% off stickers, posters and calendars, 40% off mugs and pillows, 30% off cases to name just a few offers.

Calendar with 12 different pictures of my glass paintings or you can customise it with your own photos


Leafy Lion Wild Animal Illustration by Annabel










I’ll leave you with my newest Zazzle designs and a selection of new hardboard coasters printed in the UK by fellow crafter Janners.

Leaping Dolphin iPad mini case

cat and dog set
birds setkingfisher set

Cats like washing!

In my last post I mentioned I planned to do a caption competition. For this I’m looking for art work.
If you have any photos or pictures that have a great caption or perhaps you’re struggling with a title for a piece of work and would like ideas, please email me a photo to be included in the ‘name that caption’ competition. I plan to start it in a weeks time, so do contact me by Wednesday and I will of course include your details, so don’t forget to give me a website or other link!

My cat Lottie has provided me with quite a good photo to get us going. I couldn’t find her for ages and as my regular readers will know she’s not a big outdoor cat. Eventually I noticed I’d left the utility window open. She had been sound asleep in the laundry basket!

If this has inspired you with any caption ideas, do leave them in comments 🙂

I’ve been busy on zazzle since joining and you can see more cats here



Big Garden Birdwatch 2014

Thought many of my readers will be interested in this, so reblogging. Happy bird watching!

Green Living London

More than half a million people are expected to be watching their garden birds the weekend (25-26 January), for the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch.

It’s the biggest wildlife survey in the world and this year participants are being asked to log some of the other wildlife they see in their gardens too, including deer, squirrels, badgers, hedgehogs, frogs and toads.

Also new for 2014, is the RSPB’s LIVE bird counter, making it even easier to take part. The counter can be accessed from the RSPB website and doesn’t even need to be downloaded – simply take your laptop, tablet or smartphone to the window, enter the birds you see as you see them, while the clock counts down your hour.

Martin Harper, RSPB Conservation Director says: ”Winter has felt more like autumn for many of us and this could have a significant impact on the number of birds in our gardens.

“Birds come…

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