All in a day

English weather is unpredictable but it makes life interesting! These photos of Westminster in London were taken within 24hrs.

I do think they have to renovate the Houses of Parliament despite the cost, it is such a part of our history as well as a monumental building and tourist attraction. 

Home grown tomatoes 

I love tomatoes and have grown my own for a few years now. They love the utility room, so it doubles as a greenhouse in the summer and in fact last winter, see January blog post! 

They are ripening nicely now but I don’t think this hanging variety is as tasty as gardeners delight, which aren’t quite ripe yet. The tomato plant below is a new one, sadly a late frost eventually killed off last years.

Do you have a favourite tomato? 


Must have lunch now with tomatoes of course! I’ve bowls and wine glasses to paint this afternoon.

Dartmoor, Devon

Had a lovely trip to Dartmoor yesterday, so thought I’d share a few photos.




I was there to deliver more of my moorland themed glass paintings  to Widecombe in the Moor National Trust gallery. They have a great selection of local crafts, this photo shows just a small area.


New Spring Flower Paintings

I’ve some new glasses which work as small vases too. With Spring not far away I decided to paint them with daffodils, bluebells and butterflies.

They are hot out of the oven, which I use purely to heat set the painted glassware. You do get some fumes from the paint but I was glad of the extra heat today being just 6 degrees outside! I’ve painted some candle holders too but not photographed these yet.

I do love Spring, probably my favourite month with new growth and nature coming to life. Here’s more spring themed artwork.

One of my coasters with a colourful Rooster Chicken


Abstract design of rabbits and daffodils available on many products in my Zazzle store.


Amazing Nature

It may be January and now freezing outside in the UK but having had a lot of mild weather my tomato plant is amazingly still alive and ripening in the utility room!


The tomatoes are pretty tasty too :-). I don’t have any heating in there but it warms up in the sun. Do you have any resilient plants that would normally be dead at this time of year?