Snow progress

Yesterday we had a snow storm and freezing temperatures, very rare for Devon in the UK.

Here’s how the conditions changed over 5 hours

Times like this I’m very glad I work from home. Keep safe and warm.


Bird talk! 

Good morning. Today’s advent calendar is of Topsham estuary in Devon with a pigeon and Canada Goose looking as though they’re having a chat! 

18th December advent calendar picture

Just one week to go now, so here’s some robins doing a happy dance!


16th December

A cheery photo for today’s advent calendar to brighten up a winters day!

This Bougainvillea photo was taken in Spain in sunny and warmer times.


15th December Advent calendar 

I’m fairly sure Hebes are not Christmas flowers in the UK but these are still flowering, on the north side of the house too!

Bees love them but are nowhere to be seen in this cold weather, sensibly sheltering in their nest or hive I suspect. 



Today’s advent calendar photo is my favourite local seaside town, Exmouth.


Flower Power!

Advent calendar December 13th, unlucky number for some but my begonia are still withstanding the cold temperatures and continue to flower. The mild autumn seems to have given them strength!