New Wildlife Collections

I’ve been working on my website again and have a new wildlife art page as well as dragonfly and butterfly gifts, birds and pet lovers page.

website gift collections

It’s now possible to see matching products in one place with my original glass paintings and zazzle collections together. I’m pleased with the new look but always appreciate your comments!


Latest News

Two exciting developments , I now have slide shows on my website and I’ve started to add some photographs to stock photography site Dreamstime.

The slide shows are thanks to Highton Ridley and a tool he’s developed to promote zazzle products. You can see them on my website here.

I’ve had a few photographs accepted on Dreamstime so far, some with animals and a nature theme naturally! I’m attempting to add my bee video, although that’s been a bigger learning curve getting it in the right aspect ratio and not having black bands!


I know some of my readers take amazing photos, have you joined a stock photography site? If so I’d love your thoughts, if not but you’re thinking about joining here’s dreamstime’s link

Seasons Greetings

Apologies for my lack of posts this month but it is for a good reason as I’ve had a busy December! I experimented with Google AdWords and it seemed to work with regular online sales. Last posting dates in time for Christmas have passed, so things are a lot calmer now and I’ve paused my AdWords campaign.

dragonfly-large-tealightThese dragonfly tealight holders have been my best sellers and pleased that I sold a new line of coaster and glass sets. Can’t believe it took me so long to put them together to make a gift set! I’ll be adding more in the new year.

Wishing you all a relaxing break and happy festivities.



Paint splashes

Now I have a space where it doesn’t matter if I get paint everywhere, I decided to experiment with splashing paint onto some kngfisher bowls. I still covered the table however, after all it is a new workshop!

It wasn’t as easy as I imagined as the paint didn’t flick off the paint brush that well, I got more on my hands! However I am quite pleased with the results. Next time I might try thinning the paint.

I put this photo on Instagram too, after a fellow artist said I should definitely use Instagram . So I’m going to try to post regularly there. My latest addition is a video of my cat Lottie drinking from a watering can using her paw! She is so cute 😺 Cat video

A way to earn some extra cash

There are of course the obvious ways to earn a bit extra by selling stuff on ebay, delivering leaflets, avon etc. However if you enjoy interacting on social media like facebook, twitter and are good with computers there is another way by being a website affiliate. If you like the idea of helping artists earn a living as well as earning extra cash yourself, then take a look at Zazzle’s associate program.

As you know I have a couple of shops on Zazzle (Annabels Abstract, Animal glass designs) selling lots of products with my images, for which I receive a royalty for each sale. However if you’re not artistic or don’t have the time to set up your own shop, becoming a zazzle associate is the answer. By promoting other shop owners products you can earn a15% referral fee on every sale, plus with a volume bonus an extra 17% is possible.

There are lots of tools on zazzle to help, including links and banners, which automatically include your own personal associate ID. A new collection tool makes it very easy to create themed collections, weddings for example, promoting all the products within it, which can be from different designers. Here’s a summer holiday one

Check out for more information, feel free to ask me a question in comments and there are lots of friendly folk on the Zazzle forum that will help too.

Ideas for promotion include creating your own blog or website as well as facebook, twitter etc. Use good keywords to get found and ideally promote regularly – something I need to work on! Zazzle often have good sales, on the international sites as well. Today on they have 30% off t-shirts, mugs and posters with free p&p. Your associate code will work on international sites too if that is your main audience.

Of course I’d love you to promote my shops products. I’m now getting regular sales and aiming for daily ones but feel free to help other artists too and spread the love! The following are my latest sales, thank you to both UK and US customers and have a great weekend.

Devon Open Studios

It’s the first weekend of the open studios event and after a busy time preparing, I was just about ready in time! Had a few frantic moments losing blue tac and some price labels but now feeling relaxed!

Here are photos of my set up



A very sunny day yesterday kept numbers low I think, possibly because everyone was out enjoying the weather. However I was happy sitting in my conservatory painting or in the garden relaxing and the few visitors I had made purchases, so that was great. I also got notification that 10 of my zazzle peacock bags had been sold, making it all in all a wonderful day, especially as it was my birthday 🙂

New Venture and a letter Y dog

I’ve discovered Zazzle, an on-line print on demand service, so my penultimate letter Y challenge is a few days later than planned!

Zazzle is great because you’re able to add your designs to a variety of products without having to keep stock yourself and zazzle does all the posting too. Customers can also customise items by adding their own personal text. I’ve just ordered a personalised rugby t-shirt for my brother, as well as one of my own t-shirt designs. It’s exciting to now have a range of clothes, mobile phone covers to mugs and stationary. There are sites for different countries so you can see the prices in your currency but items are still posted from USA. It may take time to get orders as there are hundreds of products but fingers crossed I will start to get some royalties (payment is a small percentage of each sale). Here are some of my products


For the letter Y I couldn’t get enthused about painting a Yak, so instead painted some Yorkshire terriers on a glass coaster! Decided to make it more stylized and it’s called ‘Yorkshire Terrier Dog Heaven’, what do you think? The grass needs more work but I have to let the glass paint dry before I do more.


Hope you have a great week and I’ll be back with my final animal alphabet challenge, the letter Z.


I wasn’t happy with the grass on my coaster, so I wiped it off and replaced it with flowers!

yorkshire terriers flowers