Project News

A selection of my alphabet colouring book drawings are now on display upstairs in Exeter library reading room alongside original paintings and here’s a photo of painted glassware downstairs with a copy of the book.

Library Alphabet glassware display

Original glassware paintings on display by the entrance to the library

I’ve already sold some spiral bound books, which is cool 🙂 and have been busy preparing a travel sized one for Amazon, another learning curve with formatting! It is easy creating a PDF in word as it can be saved as a .pdf file but with the graphics programme I use it needs the print to pdf method. However basic Adobe Acrobat doesn’t allow you to have a custom size, so after much research and frustration I found a solution! Download PrimoPDF, which is easy to use and does let you choose a custom size.

Today I had confirmation that it is ready for printing and I can order a proof, so it won’t be long before a 6 by 9 inch copy of my animal alphabet colouring book will be available on Amazon.

In the meantime I am having to create a new website, as moonfruit still don’t have a security certificate option and although all sales go via PayPal’s secure site it doesn’t look good not having https enabled. This time I’m using which I probably should have done ages ago, although it does mean getting my head around plugins etc!

I’ll update you before it goes live as it does mean moving my blog over too. Id like to get it done before the open studios event but that is just 2 weeks away now!


11th December 

PaintedCatvase..jpgWith much of the UK covered in snow I decided to have it snowing on my latest cat vase glass painting. We don’t have any snow in Exeter so this is today’s advent calendar picture. It was quite hard to photograph, so you have to look closely to see the snow but I think I’ve got the wintry look!

Happy 10th December 

Two weeks today will be Christmas eve, so for today’s advent calendar thought I’d share some Christmas trees.

These are at Crediton church tree festival in Devon. It’s well worth a visit with an amazing 72 trees decorated by local groups. Held for a few days each year it ends today.


Can’t believe a month has gone by since my last post but of course a lot has been happening in the UK. Thoughts and prayers to everyone effected.

I find solace in nature and art and thankful that I’m able to enjoy both. I’ve started painting a new dragonfly colour combination. Sold 2 large vases, so introduced this colour scheme on wine glasses as well. They will be available on my website soon.

Pleased to say I eventually sorted my bee video and it is now on dreamstime.

 That’s it for now, melting in high heat (for the UK) so need a siesta! 

Free Gifts

To celebrate Mothering Sunday ( or Mothers Day, my mum prefers the traditional title! 26th March in the UK) I’m offering a free gift with every online order from my website shop or Etsy store. No code required, ends 2oth March.

Here are some ideas to treat your mum.


The free gift doesn’t apply to Zazzle products but check the top of their page for current offers.

Spring is on it’s way!

I do love Spring and watching plants come to life. These daffodils have just come out in my garden.

I’ve been painting Spring themes too, to encourage it along!

Summer is next 🙂 What’s your favourite season?