Latest News

Two exciting developments , I now have slide shows on my website and I’ve started to add some photographs to stock photography site Dreamstime.

The slide shows are thanks to Highton Ridley and a tool he’s developed to promote zazzle products. You can see them on my website here.

I’ve had a few photographs accepted on Dreamstime so far, some with animals and a nature theme naturally! I’m attempting to add my bee video, although that’s been a bigger learning curve getting it in the right aspect ratio and not having black bands!


I know some of my readers take amazing photos, have you joined a stock photography site? If so I’d love your thoughts, if not but you’re thinking about joining here’s dreamstime’s link

Bee and Bird Song video 

My Ceanothus is in full bloom at the moment and the bees love it. So thought I’d share a video.

I managed to get some bird song in it too, although the 5th attempt with previous versions having neighbours talking, traffic noise & whistling!

See my Zazzle store for products featuring Ceanothus and bees.

All in a day

English weather is unpredictable but it makes life interesting! These photos of Westminster in London were taken within 24hrs.

They are renovating the Houses of Parliament at the moment at great cost but it is such a part of our history as well as a monumental building and tourist attraction. 

London trip 

Had a great couple of days away last week in London.

Loved the new viewing gallery at Tate modern which gives fabulous views. The Georgia Okeefe exhibition is definitely worth a look too.

Went on one of the commuter boats for the first time. Great to see the river being used and such a wonderful way to travel. Of course the sunny weather helped but the seats are under cover.

The skyline has changed dramatically since I lived there and it is magical at night.

Now I must get back to work, lots to do with just over 2 months til Christmas! If you’re in need of inspiration for presents I’m taking part in an Instagram gift challenge this month. Look for the hash tag #igxmasgiftchallenge

Home grown tomatoes 

I love tomatoes and have grown my own for a few years now. They love the utility room, so it doubles as a greenhouse in the summer and in fact last winter, see January blog post! 

They are ripening nicely now but I don’t think this hanging variety is as tasty as gardeners delight, which aren’t quite ripe yet. The tomato plant below is a new one, sadly a late frost eventually killed off last years.

Do you have a favourite tomato? 

Must have lunch now with tomatoes of course! I’ve bowls and wine glasses to paint this afternoon.

New Plastic Shed

Finally my new shed/workshop is complete. Delivery was 10 days late and it took a while to put up, partly because the chaps did not follow the instructions!

Lifetime shed

I’m very pleased with it. It’s strong and won’t rot, as long as things are put up in the right order it all fits well. Now I have a great place to paint in on summer days and not worry about making a mess 🙂

Waterfall construction

I’m getting a new shed as my existing one leaks, it will also double up as work space in the summer too with double doors opening to the garden.
However my very full water butt has to be emptied first to move it!


Not wanting to have water pouring over the patio I made this waterfall set up to divert it to the drain. I’m pleased it’s working brilliantly, constructed from old guttering off the shed.


Can’t wait for my new shed now 🙂