It’s almost Halloween again! For me this signifys the clocks changing but I wish we could stay in summer time all year. Studies have shown it is safer to have daylight at the end of the day, less confusing for young children and animals too if the clocks never changed. However no UK government has been brave enough to do it yet!

So rant over I do have some Halloween themed art.

I’ve finished my animal alphabet miniature art collection and for letter V I’ve a vampire bat.Vampire Bat ACEO

For original glass paintings I’ve these black cat candle holders

Black Cat Tealight Holders

On Zazzle I’ve a few designs and here is a selection of products including some other artists spooky work.



Miniature Art

I had a short holiday in Spain recently staying near Mijas where they have this fascinating miniature art museum. You view most of the items through magnifying glasses, as the paintings are on grains of rice, pin heads etc.

Obviously I couldn’t photograph those but here are some of their miniature sculptures. You can get an idea of the size by the screw on the bottom right.

Miniature museum Mijas

Seeing these reminded me of the miniature ACEO paintings I did but have been sitting in a folder! Not as small as the artwork in the museum (ACEO are 2.5 by 3.5 inches) but I am now adding them to my Etsy shop. Many of them were part of an alphabet collection, some of you may remember the blog posts. I sold a few of the original alphabet challenge ones and will replace these with cards or prints.

Here are some, I’m hoping to have listed the whole alphabet by the end of next week.




Letter Z Animal Alphabet Challenge

So I’ve made it to the end of my animal alphabet challenge. It’s been good and I’ve discovered quite a few animals I’d not heard of and I hope you’ve enjoyed it too!

The letter Z gave me little choice, a zebu or zebra. I’ve only painted a miniature zebra before so had a go at painting one on a champagne glass. The trickiest thing with glass painting is not getting the paint to run when you’re painting on a curve. With a narrow glass this is even more difficult and of course noticeable when trying to do stripes! He needs a bit more work and I think I’ll add some stripes to the stem.

Zebra Champagne Glass

Zebra Champagne Glass

Miniature zebra painting on a brooch

Miniature zebra painting on a brooch













I’ve continued to add more items to zazzle but not received my t-shirts yet. What I hadn’t realised is although they have a site everything is shipped from USA. So Americans can get my items posted more cheaply but not necessarily in Europe. The t-shirt postage was reasonable but I tried to order a tea towel today and the postage was £15! This seems a bit crazy, so I didn’t buy it. I think zazzle should make this clearer on their international sites (not .com), as you need to allow extra time for purchases to arrive too.

I’ve amended my last post in light of this and made alterations to my yorkshire terrier dog coaster, as the grass wasn’t working, do take a look. For my next post I may do a caption competition, featuring other artists work, so do follow my blog if you don’t want to miss it!



New Venture and a letter Y dog

I’ve discovered Zazzle, an on-line print on demand service, so my penultimate letter Y challenge is a few days later than planned!

Zazzle is great because you’re able to add your designs to a variety of products without having to keep stock yourself and zazzle does all the posting too. Customers can also customise items by adding their own personal text. I’ve just ordered a personalised rugby t-shirt for my brother, as well as one of my own t-shirt designs. It’s exciting to now have a range of clothes, mobile phone covers to mugs and stationary. There are sites for different countries so you can see the prices in your currency but items are still posted from USA. It may take time to get orders as there are hundreds of products but fingers crossed I will start to get some royalties (payment is a small percentage of each sale). Here are some of my products


For the letter Y I couldn’t get enthused about painting a Yak, so instead painted some Yorkshire terriers on a glass coaster! Decided to make it more stylized and it’s called ‘Yorkshire Terrier Dog Heaven’, what do you think? The grass needs more work but I have to let the glass paint dry before I do more.


Hope you have a great week and I’ll be back with my final animal alphabet challenge, the letter Z.


I wasn’t happy with the grass on my coaster, so I wiped it off and replaced it with flowers!

yorkshire terriers flowers


Cat update and a letter X animal

Hope you’ve all had a good week. We’ve been teased with some lovely warm sunny days, only for it to turn cold again! Mind you it was unseasonally warm, so I guess we’re just back to normal March weather.
Since having my cat Lottie she rarely goes out, although I can’t blame her with the winter weather we’ve had. She tends to follow me into the garden when I put the washing out etc. but has always followed me back inside straight away! I was concerned that she may be wary about being outside, as being a rescue cat I don’t know her history. However this week she did go out on her own to bask in the sun, so just your average fair weather cat who likes home comforts!

This weeks letter X was definitely a challenge but thanks to the internet I found Xerus squirrels. They live in Africa and the way they stand reminds me of meerkats.

Xerus Squirrel w


This is an aceo (for those new to my blog Art Card Editions & Originals 2.5 by 3.5 inches in size). The background is acrylic, the xerus squirrels are painted with glass paint on acetate and overlaid on top of the acrylic painting.





With the letter X being so limited on animals that’s all I have to show you but I have created a pinterest board with my animal alphabet challenge all in one place. Annoyingly it isn’t possible to rearrange pins on a pinterest board, unless I’m missing something but it’s roughly in the right order! I haven’t worked out how to show the pins here but you can see it via this link
Art Alphabet of Animals

Just two letters left to go, suggestions for the letter Y animals more than welcome 🙂


Letter W art challenge

I’m almost at the end of my animal alphabet challenge now, can’t believe there are just 3 letters to go and this is my 100th post, wow!

Time has flown by this week so I’ve only managed to paint a candle holder for this weeks W. Instead I’ve been busy painting other tealight holders including rabbits, cats and kingfishers, you can see them here on Folksy and Etsy. Having finally got round to doing a stock take realised I needed to paint more!

I chose a whippet for my challenge, a dog I haven’t painted before and thought his slender body might work quite well going round a tealight holder. It was more difficult than anticipated to get the shape right, so I came back to it four times before I was happy, getting through quite a few cotton buds removing paint despite the dogs being quite small!

Whippet candle holder

My top tip if you ever do glass painting is have some damp cotton buds, they are great for correcting mistakes 🙂

As I haven’t got a new aceo for W, here is a wolf I painted and a couple of  pieces from other crafters Gary at Little Ram Studios and  Jill Kitson from Clootielugs . For more details just click on the photos.


Wolf on the Prowl ACEO


Whippet Dog Linocut Print by Little Ram Studios

Wolf Pendant wood slice by Clootielugs


V for a Vampire!

Firstly thanks to Stephie from Stephanie Guy Fine Art for suggesting vampire animals, they hadn’t occurred to me and all I came up with was a vole or vulture!

So here is my vampire bat, painted on a pendant.

Bat pendant

Most bats eat insects or fruit but the vampire bat feeds on blood. Amazingly they are able to detect infrared radiation to locate blood hot spots! Bats are the only mammals capable of sustained flight, using their limbs as webbed wings but vampire bats can also run. Isn’t nature incredible.

With Spring on it’s way I’ve decided to have a clear out and make way for some new things. Seemed the ideal opportunity to have a sale on my facebook page, 7 items so far. Do have a browse and happy to post abroad too Sale album

Next week is W, probably the easiest of the 4 letters left!