Happy Dance and British Art

This week I’m doing a happy dance!

Dolphin Necklace chord (575x1024)

Dragonfly Pendant, hand painted

abstract dragonfly lily mugThe pain in my hand has finally gone, disappeared as quickly as it came, all very odd but a big relief. I plan to keep doing posts with pictures though and minimize typing. So here are my dragonflies and dolphin, dancing with me!

My original jewellery is now in my Folksy shop, views are still low but as it’s a British site I wanted to give it another go. Clicking on the photo will take you there and here’s a selection of art from fellow British artists, all on Folksy. There is an amazing wealth of talent, do go and have a browse.

Beach huts with shells by Stephanie Guy

Needle felted Spring Field by Roz Legge

Suspension Bridge Bristol by Ruth Molloy


4 thoughts on “Happy Dance and British Art

    • You’re welcome Stephie. So glad Folksy is going well for you, it is odd how some do better on one site than another. For me my sales are best in the real world at my local craft shop, far exceeding expectations.

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