Feeling Lucky!

Do we make our own luck or is it a case of the right time, the right place? Whichever it is I’m feeling very lucky!

I visited Spangles last week, a local craft shop near me on Exeter Quay. I met the owner at a craft fair and we got chatting; Maxine mentioned she was interested in having other glassware in her shop to complement her beautiful fused glass creations. Two days later I was stocking some shelves in a lovely glass cabinet 🙂

spangles 2 A big thank you to Maxine and my customers, I’ve already sold 5 items including 3 bowls. That coupled with on-line sales has made a great week. Now I need to get busy painting and increase my stock levels, especially with a Devon Open Studios event in September too!

My Zazzle store is now well stocked with lots of designs, here are some new items

Blue Fantasy Dragons Bowl

Fantasy Blue Dragon Bowl, super sized mug

Poppy rabbit folding shopping bag

Poppy flowers rabbit folding shopping bag

monkey hat

Fun Monkey Hat

Kingfisher sunburst bag

Kingfisher Sunburst Bag

I’ve also opened a new store called Annabel’s abstract. It has images of my paintings and photos with a digital effect.  


Cycling t-shirt

Abstract Tour de France Cycling T-shirt,

Cat in the Bushes Purple digital art

Cat in the Bushes Purple digital art


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