It’s my Etsy shop anniversary today. Can’t believe it’s been 2 years, although admittedly I didn’t do much with it in the first year! To celebrate I’m offering 20% off until Saturday with code ANNIVERSARY with an extra 5% discount for newsletter subscribers

I now have cards and bookmarks on Etsy, so if glassware isn’t your thing but you like my paintings there is an alternative! Zazzle of course also offers prints of my paintings on loads of different products, they often have promotions too.

Here are a couple of cards:




On a totally different subject, my fridge wasn’t working properly & the freezer compartment has been icing up for a few months now.

It is meant to be frost free but I decided to turn it off for 24 hrs, in the hope that might solve the problem. Very pleased to say it has, so if your frost free fridge freezer starts misbehaving try defrosting it. Could save you a fortune by not needing a new one!






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