Letter Z Animal Alphabet Challenge

So I’ve made it to the end of my animal alphabet challenge. It’s been good and I’ve discovered quite a few animals I’d not heard of and I hope you’ve enjoyed it too!

The letter Z gave me little choice, a zebu or zebra. I’ve only painted a miniature zebra before so had a go at painting one on a champagne glass. The trickiest thing with glass painting is not getting the paint to run when you’re painting on a curve. With a narrow glass this is even more difficult and of course noticeable when trying to do stripes! He needs a bit more work and I think I’ll add some stripes to the stem.

Zebra Champagne Glass

Zebra Champagne Glass

Miniature zebra painting on a brooch

Miniature zebra painting on a brooch













I’ve continued to add more items to zazzle but not received my t-shirts yet. What I hadn’t realised is although they have a .co.uk site everything is shipped from USA. So Americans can get my items posted more cheaply but not necessarily in Europe. The t-shirt postage was reasonable but I tried to order a tea towel today and the postage was £15! This seems a bit crazy, so I didn’t buy it. I think zazzle should make this clearer on their international sites (not .com), as you need to allow extra time for purchases to arrive too.

I’ve amended my last post in light of this and made alterations to my yorkshire terrier dog coaster, as the grass wasn’t working, do take a look. For my next post I may do a caption competition, featuring other artists work, so do follow my blog if you don’t want to miss it!



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