Craft Shops Supporting Charities

Happy Friday everyone,
Today I’ve been looking at craft shops that help raise money for charity and been pleasantly surprised at how many there are.

This is my selection found on Folksy and Etsy. Just click on the photo to go to their shop where you can make a purchase and find out more about the charities they are supporting.

Phoenix Projects in aid of Kidney Research UK

Pouch in aid of the Children’s Hospice, SW

Wild Silver in aid of Barnstable Chemotherapy appeal

Sewflair in aid of Breast Cancer

Tomfoolery Jewellery in aid of Chigwell Riding Trust for Special Needs

Thefibertree in aid of Update Heart Support Group, Suffolk

Northern Lace in aid of Orkney Blide Trust

I’ve created a collection of keyrings in aid of the RSPB, a society that helps our birds and wildlife. I chose them because not only do I have quite a few birds in my shop now but with our long harsh winter plus the chemical spills, the bird population is dwindling. Our ecosystem is precious and reduced numbers of just one species can have detrimental effects on other animals and ultimately us.

More information on their work can be found here

Lastly I’ll give a little plug for a health charity I support: The Pituitary Foundation, a small charity that raises awareness and supports pituitary patients.

In my next blog post I’ll be having my first giveaway so keep a look out!


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