Sunflower update

With the strange weather we’ve had I’m only now able to tell if my sunflowers will be monster ones again. I can report that 2 of the surviving ones will definitely have multiple flowers but the plants are no way near as big as last years at the moment. The flowers are not even out yet, so I think we need sunny weather for the next few weeks for any hope of a monster sunflower this year! Having said that my neighbour’s single headed sunflower is out and the plant is taller than mine, due in part to a sunnier position I think.

So to make up for late flowering sunflowers here are some crafty ones!

by Catherine and Jennifer Law

by Gina Rahman

by me!


2 thoughts on “Sunflower update

  1. The estancia I posted about a few posts back, in Patagonia, was settled by an Anglican Missionary in the late 1800’s, if I remember correctly…I believe he named the estancia after the wife’s home in Devon…..
    You are talented my friend~

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